2017 MSCC vs Sunset Vettes Bowling Challenge

MSCC vs Sunset Vetts Bowling Challenge March 4, 2017

Pass the Ben-gay! If you visit any of the 23 bowlers who participated in the MSCC vs Sunset Vetts bowling challenge, you may hear these words. Since the last time many of us bowled was years ago, we have more than a few muscles that are asking ‘what in the world we have been doing.’ None the less I think the 23 bowlers and the dozen or more spectators all had a great time. I’ll admit that there was more than one of us who had strings of gutter balls but we had so many who bowled well that they pulled MSCC into the winners circle.   MSCC took home the 2017 winner’s trophy (a bowling pin signed by all participants). We also had the highest score – Zach Frick and the lowest – Pat Clark.   Special thanks to Zach, Mike DeZuba and Ken Williams for all the encouragement and coaching. And to Samantha Fowler and Magdelena Ramirez who showed that the ladies could bowel in the 200’s. Congratulation to the winners and we hope all the participants had as much fun as we did.