Atmore Rally


“Car clubs are about cars and those of us who drive them”.  Eating a fine lunch together is a plus. 


Really nice to see so many car club’s drivers and their rides in one place!  If you are an independent, there are a lot of fine clubs to consider.

This is my Pensacola-Atmore Road Rally photo set.  Billy Lanter made another photo set which is almost as big.  I’ll send it to you next.  Hope you can find your car or you sitting in David’s Catfish House.  Atmore Mayor, Jim Staff stopped by David’s to see the cars and talk with some of us.  He is a car enthusiast — He told me that his favorite car and the one that he always wanted was one like the red 1962 Corvette belonging to Miracle Strip Corvette Club’s Jim and Diane Kalivoda.


It was great to see all of you this year.  It couldn’t have been a nicer day to drive.  The goal of the Pensacola-Atmore Road Rally, besides being a fun driving event, is to get the many car clubs (about 19 clubs this year) together in one place so we can meet the drivers, admire all the various types of their cars and enjoy lunch together.  I only regret that there isn’t more time for this.   It’s not like an all-day car show.  It’s over too soon!   Be sure to tell the rest of your club about the next road rally in February 2019.  At least half of the route will be different next time.

Rescheduling the rally to the Feb. 17 rain date forced two of our best car clubs, Rare Air VW Club and Sonnenschein Porsches, PCA to attend previously scheduled events but we will see them next year.

My compliments to Rob Faircloth and David’s Catfish House!  The entire David’s crew was there, extra seating was set up, and their food was extra good and served quickly.   Incidentally, last year, David’s in Atmore was judged by the Alabama Farmer’s Federation as having Best Catfish in Alabama.

Thanks to Warren Peacock, President, Panhandle Cruisers, his wife, Cindy and my daughter, Kristin (Moseley) Paul for handling registration.  Next year we will bring a couple more tables for you to write on.

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