Hadji Temple Car Show

We had four members attend the 19th annual Magic Carpet Car Show at the Hadji Shrine on 9 Mile Road this past Saturday, Ernie, Geno, James and I were joined by only two other corvettes, a 57 from Pensacola and a 2014 from Mobile .  A total of 94 cars attended with proceeds going to the Shiners Children’s Hospital.  We all received nice goody bags, dash plaques, tee-shirts, and “top 100 Cars” plaques.  All the best of show car winners were hot rods.   The show was from 8am until almost 4pm, and James’s tent saved us all from heat exposure.  We were able to make contact with Deep South Focus from Mobile that might be a source of income for us at the Beach event.  John from Mobile belongs to both a club in Mississippi and Mobile and said both clubs are coming to the beach event.  Fords dominated the show this year.