Pre-Father’s Day Back Country Cruise – June 11, 2016

Our annual cruise benefited from blue skies as Members and guests gathered. Jim Kalivoda, Cruise Master, welcomed everyone and provided each a detailed set of cruise directions. After a stern warning that all speed limits should be rigidly adhered to, he sent them off one at a time. The caravan was joined by other Club Members near the Roadkill Diner  in Elberta before turning into the back country. Beautifully manicured “‘ranchetts” as well as working farms and horse ranches provided lots of great scenery.  Little or no traffic as well as an absence of  Smokey Bears gave everyone a chance to enjoy their Corvettes. Jim played sweeper to ensure no one got lost or had car trouble.  Everyone met at Big Daddy’s for a great good food, location and great friends.  Diane Kalivoda played hostess rewarding each participant with  “Sugar Daddies” and “Sugar Babies” as appropriate.  After lunch the 30 participants had the opportunity to continue the cruise via back roads to Pensacola or return directly via HWY I-10.