Veterans Day Parade 2015

vet4 Vet3 Vet2 vet12 vet11 vet10 vet9 vet8 vet7 vet6 Vets1 DSCN1066 DSCN1065We had ten Corvettes in the Parade. Thanks to the Club we were able to throw the kids more then 80 pounds of candy.  As usual the cars generated a lot of attention  We had models ranging from Bill and Mary Kettenring’s 1959 to Ken and Jeanne William’s brand new 2016. I don’t know about the others but if we had had Old Red’s title with us, we could have traded even swap for one of two different trucks or a jeep of questionable heritage.  After the parade we adjourned to La Hacienda Restaurant for a great meal  highlighted by a “Happy Birthday” serenade in Spanish for Dave Bennett and his father who celebrate their birthdays today and tomorrow.

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